So Long Vox

I logged on to my email and there’s one with the subject:

Service announcement: Vox is closing Sep. 30, 2010

Well Vox is closing … on 30th September 2010 too … exactly 4 years since I started blogging … yep, 4 whole years ago!!  That just means I’ve imported all my posts from Vox to WordPress and now, we are all in one home and hopefully WordPress never closes :p

Toodles Vox, it was nice working with you.  To all my friends on Vox, please don’t forget to let me know where you’ve all moved to.

And to everyone else, stay tuned 🙂

2 thoughts on “So Long Vox

  1. It’s ridiculous but I’m feeling a tad nostalgic and emotional about having to move… :S Vox was a good and safe home for the kid (then kids) for the past four years, and the neighbourhood was filled with great people…I don’t want to move. *sulk*

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