Who Needs an iPhone?

Even I can’t believe I would even think that thought but yes, some old school games can distract me as well as my iPhone 🙂  Thanks to my dear dear friend, Mummy Claire who puts together the best goody bags for the adults 😉

And so I have one of these by my bedside and another one on my table at work.  It’s for those times when I need to zone out and not think for a bit.  When the time comes, I go at it for about 10-15mins and one time, I even spent a whole hour before bed to try and get all the balls in the right place.  I have, however, never been able to complete it.  The other day though, in like less than 15minutes, viola!!

The simple joy that came from a simple toy 🙂  I get lucky ever so often and nowadays I’m realising that I really am fortunate, it’s hard to tell some times but my life has been a series of good 15minutes.

To getting lucky, keeping the faith and being grateful.  Here’s to another week filled with thoughts that make you smile 🙂