Bars on a Vending Machine

Last Sunday, my husband and I checked out East Coast beach … this Sunday, I’m enjoying a rainy morning in Singapore while he’s in Taipei for a meeting with his volunteer mission.  What would I give to be in Taipei too?  Yes, it’s one of those Asian cities where I’ve had the pleasure to spend quite a bit of time in and one I miss.  The last time I was there … it was 2004 and my life was completely completely different.

First of all, I was still in my 20s and second with 18hour days 7 days a week then, I definitely didn’t have the luxury to contemplate on where the world is going.  Which bring me to the point of this post.

At East Coast last week, I stumbled on a vending machine with bars on it.  Now that I’m in my mid 30s with a job that allows me to take walks on a beach on a Sunday, I have to say, I’m more than just bothered that we have to have bars on a vending machine.

I’ve been to many parts of the world where this is normal, some where it is even expected but here in Singapore, I really don’t like the fact that we’ve come to this.

Is the tide turning for Singapore?  If there ever comes a day when I can’t walk the streets safely here, the world will be a sad sad place.  I dare say, if that happens in Singapore, the world will probably be quite messed up.

What’s happening to the basic respect for other people’s property?  I guess, the deeper question is what’s happening to the basic respect for others?  I’m not quite sure, from where I’m sitting, I’m hoping the world evolves better than it did in my generation.

To be perfectly honest though, I have my struggles with that too and know the argument isn’t quite so simple.  That’s the other thing about being in your 30s, the world isn’t just black and white.  You realise, the shades of grey are the ones that are more apparent.  I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ll keep waking up every morning and try my best.  In that endeavour, I hope when it’s my turn to leave the world, it’s little better than the day I entered it 🙂

Happy happy Sunday everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Bars on a Vending Machine

  1. Maybe they’re just being kiasu…I’ve never even seen a single vending machine vandalised in S’pore, not even those at the beach. Horrible image to have bars, we’re not that kinda place, not that kinda people (I fervently hope).

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