American Breakfasts

Most lunches are rushed and dinners, working.  That pretty much leaves us with one meal to just relax and enjoy – BREAKFAST.  You can’t come to Santa Monica without having breakfast at the Broadway Deli.  So by the second day we were here, that’s where we found ourselves having brekkie.

While Little Miss K and Mr L had the usual American breakfast of omelettes, hash browns and the likes.  I went of a bowl of home made granola.

A little too sweet of me but on the whole, yummy.  Yummy enough for me to come back for it 😉  Usually I’m a bagel for breakfast type person.

A couple of days after that, Jason, my other colleauge here with us, and I found ourselves alone for breakfast.  It’s not what you think, Kristin and Leon went for a seminar that offered free breakfast.  Thought I clarify, lest I start a brand new rumour at work and incur the wrath of the other halves of Kristin and Leon :p  The shuttle didn’t stop where we had intended for it to stop, so Jason and I wondered around and found a cafe with a quaint courtyard.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Somehow my ordinary bagel and OJ had a different zing in them that morning. Its amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do for your soul.

Then yesterday, we went to IHOP, yes, IHOP.  Think a trip to Krispy Kreme is not to far away :p

That’s one person’s portion, yes siree, it’s all Jason.  Little Miss K went healthy with oatmeal, Mr L had a smaller order of pancakes.

And what did I have?  Considering that IHOP isn’t quite the place with eggless pancakes … though they did have egg substitutes on their menu … that just actually scares me more that eggs but at least they had this:-

Think they soak their fruits in like sugar syrup or something but hey, I can’t complain.  For everything it’s worth, California is one of the better places in the world for vegetarians 🙂  Every place I go has vegetarian options, I can’t wait for Singapore to be just like that.  And I’ll enjoy that while it lasts.  7 days down and 5 more days to go in LA 🙂

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