Hello from Santa Monica

Ok, it’s been 2 days or 3 days … I don’t know with the time difference and all … it actually feels like 5 days.  Anyway, when there are big wigs in town with you, your to do list is twice as long but not necessarily twice as effective :p  So that’s what I’ve been busy with and though I normally don’t suffer from jet lag, the first couple of nights I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes open after 9pm.  So the thing that suffers is my blog :p

And this is me catching up.  It’s strange to come back to the same place year on year so much that I know the streets, the shops and the shortcuts without consulting a map … I should be grateful but part of me wishes it was Rome … maybe even Tokyo or somewhere completely new like Argentina :p  Enough daydreaming and here’s home for the next 2 weeks.

It could be worse and I know coz I’ve been to LA on a start up company budget before :p  So this is a good place to call home for a bit and here’s the office.

Not too bad, huh?  Well, I have a hunch this is the last year this booth will be there so take a good look … then again I could be wrong, I thought last year was my last year in Santa Monica.  Never say never, I say 🙂

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