Sanur, Bali

My husband and I only left the villa twice, once to check out Ubud and the other was to check out the beach at Sanur.  We should have asked around but we didn’t and when we got to the beach we found out, you do not do the beaches in Sanur after 3 in the afternoon.  Why?  Simply because the tide is so low that there’s not much of a beach to see :p

The weather was pretty much perfect though.  Low humidity and windy so we walked along the beach for a bit and then found a nice quiet spot (yes, it was pretty busy despite the low tide) sat and chatted 🙂  It was nice.  Sure, we do this at home too, usually along the boardwalk of MacRitchie Park but there’s something about being away that makes hearing stories we’ve exchanged before seem new again.

My favourite bit about the walk was when we came along a spot on the beach belonging to the Hyatt hotel.  Apparently a turtle had laid her eggs on this spot and the hotel had put up a barricade to protect it 🙂

Could it be a gimmick?  Yes, the thought crossed my mind but hey, what the heck, it was a nice thought to think that turtles do actually come on the beach to lay their eggs.  So I enjoyed the thrill of it and hoped that teenage boys don’t come along to prove that there are no eggs behind the filmsy gate.

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