Being Vegetarian in Bali

Though most of Bali is Hindu, vegetarianism isn’t as rampant but my husband and I were happy happy when it came to food in Bali.  The lovely resort we were staying at was extremely accommodating with our dietary requirement, they even asked questions like do we eat cheese, onions or garlic?  Most places don’t know there are different types of being vegetarian.  So just for asking the right questions, I’ll be back to the resort 🙂  Especially for the killer vegetarian nasi goreng they made for me, even though it wasn’t on the menu.  It was so good that I ate it for most breakfasts.  Yes, it was that yummy.

For my very Canadian white husband, they cut up fresh local fruits with oats, it wasn’t on the menu too.  So needless to say, my husband was happy too.  And after 7 years in Singapore, he’s been sufficiently Asian-ised and even enjoyed the nasi goreng for breakfast one morning too 🙂  I still remember when he first moved to Singapore and couldn’t understand how I could rice rice for breakfast.  Now he can too!!

When we did get adventurous and left our villa, we found places that we had researched online.  What did people do before the world wide web?  Seriously.  In Sanur, after a lovely stroll on the beach, we found a quaint organic store that sold sandwiches and the like.  Best bit about it, it was charging Bali type prices and not some over priced chi chi place.

So 2 sandwiches, 2 smoothies and a salad cost us about S$12.  How’s that for a deal?  Yep, yep, yep I hear my friends making fun.  Who goes to Bali to drink smoothies and eat sandwiches?  Well, the MacLaughlans do and I have to say it was really quite delightful, especially when you least expect to 🙂

We did have a taste of vegetarian nasi campur and tempeh satay in Ubud.  In yet another quaint and lovely organic joint, Juice Ja.  I was so hungry after the Monkey Forest, which I don’t recommend unless you have a thing for monkeys, that I forgot to take pictures.  I think the veggie places in Singapore should consider tempeh satay instead of the mock meat, it was yummy 🙂  It’s no substitute for meat but the combination of tempeh and peanute sauce is really good.  Here we had 2 smoothies (mine was pineapple, orange, apple and ginger … so so so good), 1 nasi campur, 1 tofu curry, 8 sticks of satay and an extremely good tofu salad for about S$18 🙂

One thought on “Being Vegetarian in Bali

  1. OMG I love tempeh!!! Must get address from you when I go again. Ok relax, I’m not turning veggie…no guts & will power. But tempeh I love!

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