July 28, 2009

Is it just me or it is a really beautiful day today?  Must be of the aftermath from the storm yesterday.  Talk about Sunshine Cleaning 🙂  I love how a great morning manages to make me feel ready to take on anything the world throws at me.

It is a wonderful day to turn 35, so lucky for my husband who is enjoying his birthday at home while I’m in the office :p  Should have taken the day off but I’m going to leverage this burst of energy to solve all the problems I’ve been keeping in my drawers :p

Here’s hoping your day is going just as well too 🙂

Sunshine Cleaning

Brought to you from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, here’s what I think about the movie I caught on our quick flight home from Bali.  In a nutshell, it works brilliantly as a tale about ordinary people trying their best at life.

My new celebrity crush is Emily Blunt.  I really like her.  She was, by the way, in The Great Buck Howard too.  She has an ability to be so real and likable at the same time.

Anyway back to the movie, just like Little Miss Sunshine, it’s about a family trying to keep it together.  Like most families in the world.  No one is perfect but we all keep trying.  Sometimes things just keep going wrong but you still pick yourself up and keep going.  Why?  Just because we can, is why I reckon we do it.  It sure beats the alternative, lying in bed and pretending it all isn’t happening.  So two sisters pick themselves up to start a company cleaning up the mess left behind on crime scenes, making the best out of what their lives offer.

Note: Do not watch this movie while they are serving the meal on the plane :p

Anyway, it’s movies like this that help me realise that fiction isn’t quite stranger than fact and I’m glad my fact is a tad too boring to inspire fiction.

P/S: Happy Birthday to my dear husband, thank you for coming into my life and being my very own sunshine cleaning crew 🙂  It’s a tough job and I’m glad it’s you.  Here’s to turning 35 and days filled with gratitude and love.