There’s No Good TV

Over the last weekend, I caught up on TV as I puppywatched. Watched season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy, finished the last season of The West Wing and caught an episode of the new 90210.

All I can say is TV today is lacking quite a bit. Other than The West Wing, GA and 90210 left much to be desired. GA has been stealing medical cases from House!! Symptoms and even the conclusions of curing them are verbatim from House!! Talk about ripping off ideas. So we don’t only do in Singapore, it happens in LA too!!

Talk about lame. And do not get me started on 90210, it’s lame TV beyond words. The production quality is bad and the acting … heaven forbid that they’ve allowed such acting on screen. What in the world is happening to TV drama? And teen drama at that, at least the only terrible thing about the original 90210 was the styling.

Although, McDreamy and McSteamy are totally worth the story rip offs 🙂 So yes, I’ll be on the look out for season 5 but 90210, I’ll be happier catching the reruns.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Good TV

  1. Don’t like Grey’s Anatomy anymore. Meredith irritates me. The Heigl and that Danny dude episode was heartbreaking but after that, nothing else.

    I caught some eps of 90210 too. You know what’s weird? The adopted son who is black doesn’t speak in the same accent as the rest of the family. That makes no sense to me. Plus he’s supposed to be close to his sister and they have zero chemistry.

    I cannot believe they are pulling the plug on quality shows like Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money (no confirmation on DSM tho). I also really enjoyed the one and only season of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

    Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother are pretty cool. The latter has a cast with very believable chemistry and it has a Canadian character too (actually the actress herself is Canadian) and I love the US-Canada jokes, haha! It’s all done with great humor and witty writing.

  2. That’s right, I couldn’t agree with you more. Culturally the adopted son seems like he was adopted yesterday and not as a kid. So so strange. And I LURVE Studio 60. Wonder why such shows get axed and the crazp just get made more?

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