Merry Christmas!!

Christmas time is great. I say this every year and it gets more true with each one. Wonder if age has anything to do about it? I just keep getting more and more grateful with the blessings in my life, namely family and friends, without whom life would be rather sad. So this Christmas eve, like others before it, my division lets their hair down and have fun with some food and drinks.

It’s times likes these that remind me that I actually have it real good where I work. Politics is going to be everywhere and as much as I try to ignore it, there’ll be people who play only for themselves but when it comes to the people that matter, the ones I work the closest with, I’m real blessed 🙂  Here’s more pictures from our office party.

There was even entertainment!!  Thanks Daryl, you should join the next idol competition 🙂

And what’s a party without little people 😉

Hope this Christmas brings you the same joy and here’s to a fantastic holiday!!! Merry Christmas!!!