Christmas and Wishlists

Bah humbug!!  As I’m doing the last sprint of my Christmas shopping marathon, I’m starting to go back on my opinions on wishlists.  When I’m watching American TV and it’s about a couple getting married and setting up a gift registry, I was like, “That’s just rude.”  Just my opinion.

My cousins who are growing up in Perth, Australia are known to make up lists for their birthdays and Christmas so that the presents we buy them will make them smile for sure.  I don’t know if it’s just the Asian value bits about me but I’m not sure about picking out stuff and telling people to go out and get them for me.  Let’s just say it’s not my thing at all.  So while I wouldn’t write up my own list, as a giver of presents I’m seeing the value of wishlists, especially now.

It’s a week to Christmas and the remaining 20% of presents I have to buy, I haven’t bought yet.  Soooooo wishlists would be very very helpful about now.  I’m hoping to get some time off tomorrow or Friday and get some last minute shopping done.  If not, I’m going to have to brave the crowds for the last weekend before Christmas … sigh … this is the bit about Christmas I like the least … shopping crowds who haven’t got what they want.

Wish me luck everyone and here’s hoping you’ve done all your Christmas shopping too 🙂  Ho! Ho! Ho!

2 thoughts on “Christmas and Wishlists

  1. haha don’t stress so much about pressies lah! it’s the thought that counts. At least you’ve only got 20% more to go, I still got 100% to go haha…

  2. My family makes lists too and tell each other what we want. I love it! Saves us all the hassle and pretending to like something we may have no use for. So I’m all for lists!

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