Jules Is Home

That’s why I like Christmas time too coz friends who live abroad come home for their annual visits!! Welcome home Jujules!!!

This time she brought a friend along with her, Yasuko who’s now already back in Tokyo and this is a somewhat delayed post. After chicken rice, laksa, satay, goreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters), what will a good Singaporean recommend? ROTI PRATA!!

Needless to say, we over ordered, I use to think it was a problem my family suffers from.  Now, I think it’s a Singaporean thing.  Our eyes are way way bigger than our tummies.

So there we were at Casaurina Curries, totally yummy prata and mee goreng, it was made better because it was raining outside.  Nothing like a cold rainy weather for good teh and curry … yummmmmm

Yasuko enjoyed her 2 weeks in Singapore so much that she’s all ready to move here!!  Compared to Japan, especially Tokyo, I think we’re not so stressful … can you imagine that?  With the weather going to be rainy for the next couple of weeks, anyone else up for prata and teh?

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