December Family Birthdays

It’s family birthday galore for me in December. It starts today with my Daddy and my Gee Pek. Yes, they’re born exactly two years apart on December 11. Then it’s my little sister and my MIL on the December 12, they’re 29 years apart. MY FIL’s birthday is on Christmas day and my cousin, Aaron has his on Boxing Day. December is a happy happy month, I say 🙂

People say I look like my Daddy. I guess in some ways I do but more than just looks, my favourite gene that I’m glad to have inherited from my Daddy is the ability to have fun and never take life too seriously 🙂 Like he told me in a recent conversation, “Some people say life is a journey to a destination, I say, life is like a trip … a vacation … there’s always good times and ever so often a little hard times (in my Dad’s case, life is especially hard when there isn’t any Chinese food around) and at the end of it all, you go home.”

I like that 🙂  Now I just have to learn to pack light 😉

So on this day, I’d like to wish my Daddy and my Gee Pek a very happy birthday!!

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