It’s Christmas Time

The decorations are up and the crazy shopping has started. Compared to last year this time, I’m in a way better position 🙂 coz the Christmas cards are ready to be sent out and I’m actually 70% done with my Christmas shopping *round of applause* That’s actually one of my favourite-est thing about Christmas – imagining what friends and family would want and the going to get it.

Here’s one of the things where my husband and I differ. He’s from the school of thought that we should get presents that are good for the receiver (just from our point-of-view though), remember that boring aunt or uncle that got you a book about being a good Catholic. No offence to my uncles and aunts who did that, I still love you all very much. Though, I have to be honest and say I can’t remember finishing those books :p My husband is kinda like that, with suggestions like books on eating well, spiritual well-being, recycling or about paying it forward concepts, organic vegetable baskets, natural beauty products … you get the idea. I, on the other hand, am from the school of thought that tries to figure what the person would like and tracking it down for them … even if it isn’t a thing for me. So Christmas shopping actually is a year round affair for me, I try and listen to what friends and family would like and come October I start shopping.

Some people may agree with my husband, heck, most of my friends would really like to try and eat better or do more for the environment but don’t know how so if they were friends with my husband, they’d get ideas how to do all that.

However, they’re my family and friends, so they’ll just have to deal with the fact that I don’t buy presents like that, hope I was paying attention and get them the presents they like 🙂

That argument worked fine before we were married. The issue now though is that we are married and that means technically his family and friends are mine and vice versa. So who gets to choose what presents to buy? *ding ding* New rule in the MacLaughlan-Tan household – whomever buys the present first gets to choose based on that individual’s present buying principle.

So from my husband and me, we hope you like what you get for Christmas because whoever bought it, it came from our hearts with lots of loving wishes for a blessed merry Christmas to everyone!!

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