Survivor: Cook Island Episode 10 – The Mutiny

That has to be my favourite episode in reality TV history. No one could have possibly planned it like that. I always hoped that there’s going to be a DVD release of the season coz I’ll get it for sure. Earlier today I found the clips of the episode on Youtube, and it’s still as fun to watch. So I had to write about it.

Other than HM, I don’t think anyone was as crazy about that season as I was. So this is one for you too, HM 🙂 I know it’s all TV and everything but that very episode was just a reflection of how things can go right when you do right by yourself … … even if it is a bit of TV fantasy 😉

2 thoughts on “Survivor: Cook Island Episode 10 – The Mutiny

  1. Carlene Tan!!! I was JUST THINKING of this today for some reason!!! I SWEAR!! In the shower too! (hahaha too much info!) I was thinking of how Yul and Ozzie and the rest of The Little Team That Could made Cook Islands the best Survivor season because of the whole good vs evil arc. Okay I’m gg to shaddup now because this is pretty incriminating. i really watch too much crap. and then think too much abt it when I’m not watching it. sigh………

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