Walking 11km

Part of the plan for December 7th, is a weekly jaunt around the MacRitchie Reservoir. The last time I did it, I wasn’t sure I was every going to do it again but I have 🙂 Yes yes, I’m feeling all proud of myself that I’m doing something more physical then just ironing to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. I figured that I should get my body use to the distance for the Standard Chartered Run lest I’m one of those that appears in the morning paper after having collapsed from the run :p

So with my husband in tow, we decided we just walk for the first of what should be 7 more weeks around the reservoir. Unlike the last time, we decided to walk at a fairly quick pace, which is what he normally does except this time, I’m not reminding him to slow down. And it took us slightly less than 2 hours to cover 11km. I still can’t believe how my friend managed a half marathon in that time. Anyway, I was tired at the end of it but totally hopeful about doing the 10km in less than an hour and a half now. Yes siree, that’s what I put down when they asked me how long I reckon it’ll take me to finish the run. In all honesty, I was going to put 4hours but with Resh on the other end of our msn conversation, telling me it WILL NOT take me 4hours, I caved at an hour and a half. I was petrified about trying to finish the run in that time.

Now I’m just scared.

I still have 7 more weeks to go. For now, I’m grateful that I live close to the MacRitchie Park for my walks/runs. It is one of those spots in Singapore, that feeds your soul and calms your mind. It isn’t a valley in Banff, Canada but it’s where I go to get my nature fix.

Last Friday, at dinner with friends, one of them reminded me that I was quite the runner … oh way back in school. That’s true, I did run and enjoyed it too. Well, in the next 7 weeks, the nature trails are going to get quite acquainted with me and maybe I’ll be reminded about why I loved running 🙂