Aikido: Jo 31 Kata


Yes, that’s exactly what ran through my mind when the sensei asked who brought our Jos and that we’re doing the 31 Kata.

I was soon enlightened when my other more experienced classmates brought out what looked liked a gala (Hokkien term for bamboo poles used to hang clothes out to dry). I had to borrow a Bokken which is part of the Aikido weapon set.

Where the Jo is the one right at the bottom and the Bokken is the next longest one. It was quite fun and at least we didn’t have to spar with a partner. So I now know step 1 – 11 and there’s 20 more steps to go before I know all 31 Kata. Hopefully, I don’t forget the first 11 steps before next week. Now I’m all excited about getting my own weapon set *rubbing my hands in glee* and I thought Aikido was suppose to be about non-violence 😛

To me, they some how look like they’re going to after a couple of rascal rodents instead of causing pain. Wonder how much less ridiculous I look now that I’m swinging a stick around instead of trying to roll without letting my head touch the ground? All I can say is don’t mess with me 🙂

On another note, one of my white belt sparring “buddies” has been promoted to the next level – blue belt. I bet he’s happy he doesn’t have to be paired up with me again 😛

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