Life Can Be Wonderful

Isn’t that such a lovely title? And with a title like that who would have thought the Japanese film directed by Minorikawa Osamu would be 5 little stories about desperate moments in life, especially with a promo pic like this:-

Not that I was completely fooled because it was Tessycat who bought the tickets and with her, I should be just grateful it wasn’t a horror movie πŸ™‚ It sounds like I didn’t enjoy the film. On the contrary, the 5 stories surrounded individuals with issues that everyone can relate to. From a nude art model, old drunk to a young girl living by herself trying to figure out how to care for her widowed mother. I left inspired to shoot one of my short films … maybe even 5 of them and string them into a feature.

So if Life Can be Wonderful is screening near you and you’re up for a simple 70minutes pondering on how your life is probably a tad more wonderful than the characters in the film, go enjoy yourself. Oh yah … and after that, let me know if you feel like working on a short film. That’s because I’m trying to cast and crew the production of my script πŸ˜‰

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