ETA May 14, 2014

Nature gives you 9months to get use to an idea of a whole new human being taking over your life.  Come May, Zurich will find out what happens when and an Aulin and a Tan gets together 🙂  My cousin is going to become a Mummy!!

That’s her and me circa 1978.  She would be about 4 and me, 3.  Cousins are your first friends and she’s definitely mine.  Though we don’t remember, we apparently even shared time in a crib together.  She’s the perennial big sister to us all, she has 2 younger brothers and 9 younger cousins and now she’s going to be a Mummy!!

That’s my new niece or nephew who is due May 14, 2014, which happens to be my cousin’s birthday too!!  How’s that for a present from God 🙂  with 2 nephews and 2 nieces, I’ll be happy either way when we find out if she’s a she or a he.  Something tells me it’s a her.  We’ll find out in a couple of weeks if her favourite aunt is right 😉  Yes, I get dips on favourite aunt!!

I do wish my cousin lived closer though but with us living in the 21st century, geographical distances are a lot shorter than they were before.  So little Aulin, you may be living in Zurich but you’ll get lots of visits from Singapore and you’ll always have a hot humid home here too!!  Can’t wait to meet you little one in 6 months time *MWACKS*

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