No Smoking in Singapore

That’s probably one of the things I take for granted in Singapore – no smoking.  Every time I go away, I get reminded.  Smoke doesn’t just affect me just coz it doesn’t smell nice.  At best, it gets in my throat and lungs and physically makes me uncomfortable like I can’t breath.  At worst, when my immune system is weak, it actually makes me can’t breath and have an asthma attack!!  Despite the fact that some of the people I love to bits smoke, I’m really not use to it.

So I’m not a happy camper in KL because they smoke indoors.  YES, indoors.  You read me right, they smoke I.N.D.O.O.R.S. here.  Even the French are starting to figure this out and smoke outdoors but here in KL, I can smell smoke in buildings.  I have to say, it drives me slightly crazy and impatient.  Needless to say, most smokers find me rude :p  It is hard to be chippy when I’m nursing a headache and a scratchy throat, like I am right now from being in smoke filled buildings all day.

I’m not saying you can’t smoke but can you please just smoke outside?  It isn’t just a pet peeve, it makes me physically sick.  I’m happy to share space with you if you can share fresh air with me.  Thank you.

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