Taxis in KL

That’s why I’ll not move to KL.  Their taxis.  I actually like the city, even though, I didn’t get much social time to explore the city but for general work and living, I think it’s a pretty decent city.  Not my top 10 choices but I could live in KL … except for their taxis.  As a form of public transport, it cannot be defined as a form of public transport.  I’d be better off walking :p

The Taxi Uncles were getting lost, making wrong turns but most frustrating was no being able to get a cab.  Calling for a cab doesn’t work and if you tried to hail for one, they won’t stop or go where you want to go.  It’s crazier than Singapore, way crazier.  I don’t know how Malaysians do it … maybe that’s why so many of them drive.

So after being back in Singapore for a week. I’m all good with our public transport system here.  Sure, there are a couple of delays and sometimes waiting for a bus can be quite infuriating but by and large, I can get to where I want when I need to.  Can’t say the same for other cities, especially KL.

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