Why Alternative Voices Are So Important?

What happens when you fall asleep while you’re driving and someone slaps you awake?  You wake up and say sorry.

Would the government apologise if these questions weren’t raised over the last few days?

If you think about, they have been raised before but never addressed.  Not until yesterday.

Why?  I reckon it’s because the force behind the questioning only existed over the last few days.  A couple of alternative voices in parliament doesn’t quite carry the same weight.  The PAP has just shown why it is important to have more alternative voices in parliament.

Not you.  Not me.  Not the opposition.  The PAP.  They have shown that only with emphatic fervour will they start to address the concerns of the people.

This is why we cannot allow ourselves to be complacent.  No one is perfect and no system is but let’s not hide behind the usual “that’s how it is and nothing really is wrong” position, because one day when things do go wrong, we won’t have anyone else who can possibly right the wrongs.

An American friend told me yesterday, compared to most places in the world, even in the US, we have a great government.  Things work in Singapore and the majority have basic needs met.  I don’t disagree at all and everyday I am very grateful for it.

In my books though, things can always get better.  I want a home where things work, basic needs are met, people dream, innovate, create and treat each other with empathy and compassion.  Nothing is perfect but we sure as hell can try 🙂

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