Shanghai 1 Beijing 0

If China was the US, Shanghai would be my answer to New York city and Beijing is LA.  Yep, I want to live in Beijing as much as I would want to live in LA … which is not at all.  Between the pollution and the traffic, Beijing does nothing for me.  Unlike Rome, which I was hoping Beijing would be like, the immense history is lost in the cacophony of urban crap stuck in traffic.  Maybe I haven’t given Beijing a chance, maybe because our schedule there was so grueling, maybe because it was my first stop into China, whatever it is, I’m not looking forward to going back there.

Shanghai, on the other hand, I could consider moving here, despite the rude and somewhat uncivilised cab stealing nature of the locals >_<  It’s probably the much nicer weather too and the fact that I haven’t had to sit in the car for unreasonable lengths of time.  Anyone who knows me well, knows my pet peeve of being stuck in traffic, so far in Shanghai it’s been reasonable *knock on wood*  That means in Carlene’s little corner of the world, Shanghai versus Beijing sees a resounding win for the former!!!  Yay, Shanghai!!!

In between Beijing and Shanghai, I was also in Tianjin .  That city deserves a post all on its own.  I’m kinda organising my thoughts about the Eco-city, which is a collaboration between Singapore and China.  Once my thoughts are ready, the post will be up.

Till then, next stop, Suzhou.  It’s been 4 years since I was last there, wondering if anything’s changed?