I was clearing my inbox and came across an email from a friend asking me to sign a petition about repealing 377A. I remember having very strong views and wanted to blog about it then. However, being in my 30s has taught me to be less impetuous, give myself some time so I can write genuinely about the subject.

I remembering signing the petition and having a conversation with a friend who didn’t. I was surprise, very surprise she didn’t since one of her closest friend is gay. Her thoughts were that since no one was going to enforce anyway why make such a fuss?

Why? For me, it’s because not so long ago, a group of people made enough fuss so that I have the freedom to choose whatever I want to be, to be able to got to school, to have a voice, to know I’m not a second class citizen and that being a woman is no different from being a man. Even though today, as I type this, there are some societies that reckon women aren’t the same as men. Those women don’t have rights as I do.  Maybe coz no one thought it was necessary to fuss.

So fuss, yes, I have to fuss because I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to fuss. I am choosing to fuss, and here’s me fussing. I’m not talking about loud judgemental yelling that everyone has every right to choose, that every marginal person should have the same opportunity, that discrimination at any level shouldn’t be what isn’t tolerated.

No, I’m not advocating being rude.  Not at all, I’m talking about being the change I want to see in the world.  I’m talking about how I live my live and how I’m choosing to treat everyone straight, gay or bi with the same love and that’s my way of fussing … I’m still working on treating every fundamentalist, racist, sexiest, hypocrite out there with the same love … I’m no Mother Teresa or Ghandi though … not yet anyway … but if both my Grandmas could have done it in their lifetimes, I have hope yet 🙂

2 thoughts on “Equality

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