Update #2 From India

Here’s another quick update from India 🙂 

Since arriving in Nawan Nagar, I’ve had to hand wash my clothes, there isn’t a washing machine where I am and even if there was one, it wouldn’t be that useful since electricity drops in and out all the time … I don’t think a machine could ever finish its cycle.

Anyway, here’s what I’m realising, my washing machine probably doesn’t clean as well as my own two hands can.  Yep, with your own two hands, you can really get the dirt out and get to spots I can’t imagine my machine would even think off.  I’ve also developed a fondness for washing socks 🙂  They’re soft, small and really a treat to see them get so clean after a wash, as they get quite dirty because of all the dust.

However, despite how much I’m enjoying the my hand washing sessions, when I come home to Singapore, I’m going to give my washing machine a hug :p  Only because, I don’t think after a day at work, I want to spend an hour and a half washing something like 8 articles of clothing :p  Yes, I do take that long to hand wash.  I never said I was an efficient handwasher of clothes, I’m a thorough one though 🙂

Till my next trip to town, hope all is as well as I am in Nawan Nagar, India.

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