December Babies

There are a couple months in the year it’s clock-a-block with birthdays and December is one of them.  Can you actually believe this, from December 6 – December 26 I have a friend or family celebrating their birthday 🙂

Today isn’t my baby sister’s birthday but I’ll be away in KL when it is so it was an early birthday brunch celebration.  A surprise one at that!!  Don’t we all love surprises?

The best thing about it, the birthday girl didn’t have a clue.  She was lured into the restaurant by the cupcakes on display and then she saw us 🙂  Everyone was so hungry we didn’t stop to take pictures.

I love the location much more than the food.  We were at The Marmalade Pantry by the Stable Club.  When restaurants are sticky about making changes to their dishes to accomodate my vegetarian diet, I tend not get too crazy about them.  Even if they do have one vegetarian dish on their menu and especially when they charge more than fast food prices where I understand making changes isn’t efficient for them.  It is located in a quiet spot though and somewhere I thought my sister would be surprise.

And she was 🙂  so to my little sister Happy Happy Birthday!!  I couldn’t have asked more from a sister who loves me, supports me and gets me especially when no one else does.  Love you to bits!!!

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