Social Media … The Lack Of

I’m back in social media civilisation and after a week of no social media, the verdict is – I am into social media just as much as I am into tattoos :p  That means I’m intrigued and curious, don’t mind hanging around people who are into them, learning more about them but essentially neither tattoos nor social media play a critical role in my everyday living.

I enjoy reading about what’s happening and recognise that these platforms are great ways to stay in touch but are also great at sucking up all MY time.  So from today onwards, I’m going to try and balance social media and my life.  Hmmm … which is pretty much what I do with all aspects of my life coz truth be told, everything can suck up all your time … like TV too :p

So I’m going to upload the pictures on FB, tweet a little about the trip and update my blog with the low down.  In the name of balance, it’ll have to wait after breakfast, work and getting some sunshine outside of my hotel room 🙂

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