Harper’s Island

Yes, I followed this series.  I do have a serious love for murder mysteries and remember relishing Agatha Christie’s mini series when I was growing up.  Who can forget Hercule Poirot, right?  So when I first saw the trailers, I thought, this could be a 21st century take on a good old fashion genre.  I was wrong though.  Beautifully shot but it’s no Agatha Christie, not by a long shot.

It’s Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer for TV.  So yes, I was disappointed but after investing 3 episodes worth of time, that’s how long I usually give a series, I wanted to know who the killer was.  Yes yes yes, I’m a murder mystery junkie.  I had series recording and caught it when there was nothing else on TV.

I’m not waiting for the DVD on this but I really enjoyed how well it was shot, especially when I read that it was done mostly on location.  When you don’t have as much control as you would in a set, it takes a pretty talented DOP (Director of Photography … that’s Hollywood’s fancy name for the main man behind the cameras) to get it looking the way the series did.  From bright romantic pre wedding scenes to chilling prey being chased by the predator sequences, pretty textbook stuff but I have to say it could have easily been messed up had it not been for the experienced Robert McLachlan.  So thanks to him, there was one or two things I managed to learn from the series.  All was not lost 🙂

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