Move over Yul

Ok, no one can seriously blame me for being moving on … it's the land of TV crushes and Yul Kwon, sole survivor of Cook Islands is beginning to fade and only because my sister has dealt me with the complete season one of Prison Break.

By now everyone else has probably watched the whole series, I on the other hand have only seen the odd episode here and there … from what I've seen … all I knew then was I had to get my hands on the DVD as soon as I can and now I have 🙂

So the low down of a younger brother getting the blueprint of a prison tattooed on his body so that he can break his older brother out of prison is no longer the latest news but my crush on Wentworth Miller is … at least on my blog it's news 😛

What's there not to have a crush on?  And his voice … totally yummy.  Ok ok truth be told, the story is pretty compelling … lines still a tad cheesy but I've never been to prison so my view can be quite naive.  Honestly though, I've always been a sucker for conspiracy tales so a story of an innocent man set up by the 'big brother' is really up my alley and that's a good reason to stay up all night watching Wentworth Miller … now if it was a reality TV series … I bet Yul Kwon would be able to get the people to work with him and breakout of the prison with the guards patting his back too 😛

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Happy 2007!!!

I'm back from snowy Canada and am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful for the monsoon season.  Singapore is actually cool enough to sleep without the AC on 🙂

I'm a happy camper!!!

Anyway, here's to a swell 2007 filled with dreams coming true and happiness overflowing for EVERYONE … after all it's already Thursday for the first work week, doesn't get better than that 😉

P/S: Am I the only person loving House?  Finished season 1 thanks to my lovely cousin, Gerald and am on season 2 thanks to my Mummy and DVDs from Perth *clap clap*

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Survivor Withdrawal and Yul rocks!!!

It's over … Survivor:Cook Islands … it's over and I'm a little bit at a lost of what to read on the net now.  It was a great season and the guy I was rooting for won :)  Very satisfying like a good meal when you're starving.

Honestly, if Ozzy won … I'd be happy too but it was really great to have Yul win.  He truly deserve it, I mean it's very much a social game so the winner had to be more than just a fierce competitor like Ozzy was.  Ozzy was truly one of the most craziest competitor ever, in my opinion he's some mutant … some X-men of sorts 😛

For whatever it's worth, this was one of the best seasons of Survivor and all thanks to Candice for the mutiny that made it all crazy and created the greatest underdog since David – Aitutonga!!!!!

Oh well … till the next thing I get hooked on … I'll be re-reading the survivor news … oh wait, is Grey's Anatomy Season 3 on DVD already?

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Survivor Frenzy

I just finished watching episode 11 of Survivor: Cook Islands.  Can you believe it's the 13th season of Survivor?  I stop watching after season 3 … it was in Africa or something, I can't remember except that it got boring … you know, the same strategies, the same kind of stereotypical cast … so I stopped watching it … that and I moved into my own place without a TV :P  However, with season 13, Mark Burnett decided to divide the tribes by race and that intrigued me… I started reading about it, what happens in each episode … as a social project I thought it was pretty interesting.  After two episodes, they merge them all and it was like a normal survivor and I thought … ok, I'm going to stop watching it. 

Then I was in LA for work and watched the recap episode as well as some pivotal episodes, mainly just the MUTINY one which practically sucked me into this season.  Mostly because of the diverse range of tribe members … many of which were picked off the streets.  Other than that, the producers basically did the usual things to stir up drama.  So I think for the newer seasons, they should really keep up this MO – mix up the cast with people who applied with people who really don't have a clue about the series and in all honesty don't quite care for it but are game to try anything for a million dollars.  Opens the game play to a wide opportunity of new strategies :)  For anyone who's watching it currently watching it on channel 5, don't miss episode 8 … you so won't regret it.  It brings new meaning to the David and Goliath.

Ok, I'll 'fess up here's the reason why I'm into this season too …  cute, smart and check out those abs … I'm a total ab girl and you know, he's really really sweet … or at least the version the producers choose to portray on TV.  Oh well, that's why I love crushes, celebrities or otherwise, they are exactly how you imagine them to be in your head and it never becomes real and have no chance of getting bad :)  I love crushes ;) 

In real life, I'm as lucky as I am in my head … AJM is sweet, funny, smart and best of all, kind :)  So  a girl can sometimes have her cake and eat it too … the thing is though, good things never ever lasts but hey, that's life … up and down and up and down … if not, life would be boring like the rest of the Survivor seasons … I rather take my chances with a little more excitment and great opportunities for the underdog like Suvivor: Cook Islands 🙂

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