Winter Wonderland

Went for a walk to enjoy the snow.  I was all bundled up and the only place that was completely naked to the cold was my nose which I felt unthawing (is there such a word?) when we got back into the car.  It's like, you know, that silly game you play as a kid squeezing all the blood out of your hand and feeling it all rush back in … that's how it felt except on my nose 😛 and my cheeks too.

Bbbbrrrr … It was cold but the view was so completely worth it 🙂

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa on his sleighAngel too too too tooMe in an ornamentAngels too too tooAngels too tooAngel too

To everyone back home in Singapore have a very Merry Blessed Christmas … and to Jules for my first Christmas wish on my blog :)  See you in a week!!

Here's to happiness, peace and love for everyone in the new year 2007!!!

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It’s December already!!

Is it just me or time seems to be flying by so much more quicker as I get older?  It's December already and Christmas carols are playing on the radio.  Where did February to November go?  Oh well, I'll enjoy the monsoon season which is my favourite time of the year 🙂 coz before I know it, it'll be Chinese New Year the the scorching heat will be back 😛

Here's to Happy Christmas shopping and wonderful year end breaks …

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