Rock Climbing

I have a grand plan. ┬áThe next time I’m back in Vancouver, I’m going to take my brother-in-law up on his offer to take to me mountaineering ­čÖé ┬áHe had plans the last time I was back. ┬áConsidering I had never done it before I thought it best to reschedule for my next visit.

Meanwhile, I reckon I should start training. ┬áI mean it’s like a marathon, right? ┬áYou want to respect the mountain you wanna conquer. ┬áSo I thought I should, at the very least, be trying to climb a man made wall first … and last Saturday, I finally made it out to Singapore’s tallest indoor wall.

I have to admit, when I got there and stood at the foot of the wall, I started to get nervous :p ┬áNope, I’m not usually one to be afraid of heights but I think everyone isn’t too thrilled about falling from a height they can’t technically jump from. ┬áSo when I got to the top, I was actually surprise at how high up it was and how comfortable I felt peering down.

But alas … I only managed that one time. ┬áThat first climb, like most other virgin experiences, took much out of me. ┬áMy arms, my back and my fingers tried another couple of time but never made it past the half way mark.

Here’s the thing I realise about rock climbing. ┬áIt’s all mind over matter for me. ┬áThe first time, I didn’t think, I just went with my instinct and did it. ┬áAfter that, I was thinking what was a better place to put my hand, where to place my feet, keep my body close to the wall. ┬áIt was a lot harder than I gave it credit. ┬áThat said, I’m ready to give it another go. ┬áMy back hasn’t felt like it has been worked out till now ­čÖé

Wish me luck and I’ll keep everyone updated with my progress!!