39 and One Quarter Years Old

25% of my 39th year is over and if I had to take stock, the last quarter has been quite revealing about how I’m still very much a work-in-progress.  There’s a clear picture in my head of the  84 year-old lady I hope to become and at close to 40, I don’t know if I’m halfway there but hey, we just keep trying 🙂

While I keep trying, here’s the two monkeys that make my ride so much more fun.  My little sister and my crazy cousin who is more a brother.  Growing up, these two have driven me crazy but at the same time, I know they always have my back like I do them.  Both of them have showed me unwavering support and when I make a mistake, they will be there to pick me up without asking questions.

As I get older, I’ve learnt to be grateful and in my last year of my 30s, I’m so thankful for the childhood memories these two monkeys gave me and I can’t wait to make more so that when we’re all silver and wrinkled we can look back at our mid life with the same fondness.

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