Surprises and Mondays

I do like surprises, good unexpected things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I chanced upon this video recently that did exactly that.

It isn’t always that you get a fairly young seemingly doofus type Hollywood character dishing out sound advice.  I now know Chris Ashton Kutcher’s parents did well by him and why despite what looks like a crazy life in Hollywood, he seems to be doing alright.  Maybe not having an entitled childhood help, no matter, it isn’t easy keeping it real in the real world much less in Hollywood so kudos to him for trying his darn-est to be better.

While he was directing his advice to teens, it’s a good reminder for the rest of us, the real old folks.  As we get older, we forget that opportunity truly comes disguised as work usually very hard work.  The being sexy part is so true and does become clearer when you get older, you realise how some people draw you to them by the sheer fact that they have big hearts and minds and not a six pack or a plunging neck line.  Lastly, yes yes yes, we fill our lives with so many moments that distract us and merely live that we’ve forgotten that we can build the lives we want.  It isn’t easy but like he said opportunity is hard work and that’s what I have this Monday morning, yet another opportunity to build the life I want 🙂  Now where’s that construction helmet of mine? *humming Bob The Builder theme song in my head*

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