Why I don’t Hate Skyler White?

Yes, I’ve finally finished watching Breaking Bad.  It is now one of my favourite TV series but before I decide with series to bump off my top 10 list, I’m trying to understand why everyone hates Skyler White so much?  I actually get her, her anger and how she had to dig deep, her frustrations with her husband’s runaway ego and having to make sacrifices for her family.  That’s what Mothers do.  Not wives, nope, wives don’t do that, just the Mums.  I’m not Mum yet but I have an amazing one and surrounded with so many other great ones who would struggle the same way to keep everything together for their kids.

That said, I totally get Walt too. SPOILER ALERT!!  Stop reading if you haven’t watched the series.  I loved how Walt transformed, understood his motivations and loved that he had to face the consequences of making the decisions he thought was best for his family.  I loved how he thought money would be what his family needs and the last season saw him and his barrel of millions trapped in a lonely cabin on the mountains.  I think it happens to the best and worst of us, in our pursuit to provide for our families, we often forget that our families would rather give up all the material things for quality time spent together.

As a TV series, Breaking Bad is pretty much up there with The West Wing for me.  I love the script, the way the characters developed, the actors’ impeccable performance and most of all, I loved how the creators wrapped it up.  Fulfilling and believable.  I can’t wait for my next Breaking Bad marathon.  In the meantime, tonight I’m going to catch up on The Walking Dead.  3 more episodes and I’d be all ready for the the return of Season 4.  All I have to say right now is that I’m more scared of people than I am of zombies :p

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