Rachael Turns 4

I got back from my honeymoon just in time for my goddaughter’s birthday.  It’s her first year in school and so we decided to surprise her with a small celebration in school.  Her face when I arrived was too cute for words.  I wish I had a camera but it’s one of those moments to savour and best remembered as a memory 🙂

Boy oh boy, do I love little kids gathered in a spot together.  I’m not sure what it is but it does warm my heart when there are children around 🙂  These were very well behaved children at that, most were engaging and talking to me.  Some were as shy as my goddaughter but most were telling me their names and who’s birthday it is.  Rach, like her sister and brother, is totally shy in school and her teacher even said she does not speak unless she really HAS to but it was lovely to see how happy she was basking in the attention.  As one should on your 4th birthday 🙂

The celebration continued at dinner time and she was still enjoying her day.

Happy birthday my little darling!!  Love you HEAPS and can’t wait to watch you turn from 4 to 5 now 🙂

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