The Chens and My Little Christian

Before I leave for my honeymoon, better late than never ­čśë I caught up with my Godson.

Isn’t he growing too fast? ┬áHe’s starting to look like his Mummy and is as cute as she was when she was a little bub. ┬áHe was the perfect little one to shop with. ┬áHe likes walking around and looking at stuff. ┬áNeeded a little feed and had the cutest cry that gave a hint to the sweet personality he has. ┬áHis Mummy, my cousin and I had fun walking around the baby section of H&M. ┬áThere may not be as many boys clothes as there are girls but they are quite spiffy too. ┬áI can’t wait to take him on one on one dates!!

In the meantime, I love watching my cousins grow as parents. ┬áHow they balance each other out perfectly ­čÖé ┬áThey truly are made for each other and my Godson, Christian is a pretty lucky bub. ┬áHe’s going to have his own trials and tribulations for sure but I have a good hunch, with all the love that surrounds this little one, he will be the better versions of who we all want to be.