Pacific Rim

I caught Pacific Rim twice in a week.  The first on IMAX 3D and the second in Gold Class to celebrate Jenna’s birthday.  I loved it both times and am all ready to catch it a third time in Canada with my husband.

It was all about the jaegers for me.  Huge giant robots piloted by humans.  What is there not to like, seriously?  Made me want to watch Gundam again but honestly, it was a metal porn ride for me.  Action scenes to die for.  I really couldn’t ask for more, giant robots pitted against giant monsters *shivers down my spine* ‘Nuff said.

There may be a couple of loopholes in the script but it’s as original as it gets in today’s moviemaking world.  Totally believe-able premise and wonderfully executed by Del Toro.  I loved it even more that the heart of the story took place in a futuristic Hong Kong and not LA or Chicago or New York or San Francisco.

Although it bombed out in the US, I’m pretty sure the worldwide box office for the film would be reason enough to warrant a sequel.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for.  Even my sister who has no sympathy for mechanics, enjoyed the show.  That is enough for me to know that everyone should give it a chance and watch it.  For nothing else, it is a fun show with awesome action sequences that you can see and understand 🙂

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