My First Niece

Her name is Mabel and she turns 7 today.  I wasn’t in Singapore when she was born and still remember the first time I saw her when I got home and went over for a visit.  Cuddling this tiny newborn and filling up with hope and love for the first baby girl in our family full of strong girls 🙂  With all the crazy feminine influences she has around her, sometimes I can’t help but worry she’ll turn out as crazy as us.  Then I take a step back and see between my sister, cousins and I, we turned out pretty good 😉

At 7, you can see there are influences from her Mum, her aunts, particularly uncanny streaks from her Godma, dances like her Grandma and the ability to speak a different language called whining exactly like my sister :p but I’ve seen her grow into her own person and have her influence on me 🙂

My dearest Mabes-ie,

I love how you’re a little crazy like us.  Cracking us up at every chance you get.

Being the middle child isn’t easy and you’ve had to find your way around that.  At 7, I can see how you’re navigating the waters of dealing with siblings and coming into your own.  And I worry a lot less 🙂  Yes, I use to worry more.

I don’t because I’m reminded through you how strong we can be.  Watching you find yourself, learn to be comfortable with who you are and building dreams.  In the cacophony of everyday lives, these moments pass us by so quickly but when it’s just the two of us and we chat, tease each other and reveal our deeper thoughts.  You let me in your little world where you’re growing so fast into the best version yourself.  It’s inspires me to keep growing too.

So remember little one, we never stop growing.  Life is going to throw us all kinds of things.  I worry less now because I know you have what it takes to shake off the bad and relish the good 🙂

Happy birthday my darling!!  May your day be filled with love to last you a lifetime.

Love you lots,
Coco Carlene

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