A Good Fracture

A week ago today, my husband went for a run in the nature trails of MacRitchie Reservoir.  I’ve always been very grateful to live so close to it but not as much as my husband was last week.  You see, he usually runs in the evenings and last week he left a little later than usual, went in further than usual and all that means is that he was running back in the dark.  That’s because after sun down, it’s hard to see on the trails. I know because I run in the mornings and have left my house a little earlier than usual before the sun rises and told myself never do it again because it was really hard to see.

As the story goes for my husband, it’s all dark and getting spooky on the trails, he starts to run quicker, misses his footing, twists his ankle and hears a snap!!  Then he hobbles all the way home and was probably more grateful than ever that we live close by.  At first he doesn’t think he broke anything because he’s had experience with a broken toe and it felt nothing like that.  We go to bed but wake up the next day to his ankle really swollen and him not being able to put ANY pressure on it.  Off to the hospital we go!!

And it’s confirmed.  He did fracture his ankle but apparently according to the orthopaedic surgeon it’s the best kind to have, meaning it should heal well.  I also learnt that bones heal better than ligaments or muscles or tissues.  You heard it here, if you’ve injured your ligament or muscles or tissue, you should rest up more and longer than if you’ve had a fracture.  *looking straight at my sister and my Mummy*  Right now my husband is suppose to stay off his right foot for 2 weeks and keep it in his high tech Aircast boot for 6, which means I’m playing nurse 🙂  It’s alright by me though.  I much rather give care than receive it :p

Meanwhile, on a stranger note, my husband fractures his right ankle a week after my sister incurred a deep tissue injury on her right ankle while wakeboarding who followed a week after my Mummy sprains her right ankle too.  Too much of a coincidence?  I’m not sure what it all means.  I’m just glad they are all ok and are healing well 🙂

How has your last week been?

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