Star Trek Into the Darkness

I’m finally catching up on my movie watching and saw Star Trek Into the Darkness.  Real quickly, it’s great if you aren’t a Trekkie but if you are, you’d probably feel a little insulted once the credits roll.  That’s if you weren’t too insulted with the first one as it is.

I wouldn’t say I’m a trekkie.  I’ve watched the series and most of the films.  Enjoyed them all because I have a fascination with aliens from outer space but I’m by no means a trekkie.  All that just means, I did enjoy the film.  Also helps that I do like J.J Abrams, I may not agree with all his directorial calls but I do enjoy his treatments.  On the whole, the movie was a fun ride with a different take and reminded me of why the Vulcans intrigued me.  And maybe just maybe why I chose to be vegetarian 🙂  Beyond that there’s something to be had about leaning on logic and reason.  A harsh lesson I learnt when I was 11 and found out a classmate I barely knew hated me.  Yes, the word used was hated.  Children can be that mean.

Anyway, I was hurt and confused.  Why would someone hate harmless ‘ole me?  Especially if we’ve barely even said hello to each other.  I did say before I have a big ego :p but really I didn’t know why someone would not like me.  The whole incident truly threw me for a loop.  I even confronted her about it and she simply just said, “I just hate you.”  At the same time I watched an episode of Star Trek and for the first time realise that Spock has it right, feelings does seem to be a waste of time and just clouds decision making.

Needless to say I’ve grown since then and that 11 year old smiled at the scenes where her favourite Vulcan struggled with feelings and logic because 38 year old me totally relates despite knowing better 🙂  Not quite as dramatic as saving a race from a volcano but yes, I still prefer making choices erring to the side of logic, which makes me realise why I have a thing for TV fictional characters that have this mind-over-matter approach starting with Spock then Scully, House and Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Khan in the movie.  He’s a hoot to watch in both roles and does such a great job giving both characters enough depth for the audience to root for them.  Like I said, I had fun with the movie and now am inspired to start rewatching Star Trek from the beginning.

Wonder how much I can cover this Vesak Day weekend?