12th May

While everyone in the world was celebrating Mother’s Day, my husband and I were sharing a bowl of tao huay celebrating our 6th anniversary.

11 years ago to this date, over a bowl of tao huay we made a simple connection that led us to where we are today.  So every year we share tao huay and think about that day that saw the exchange of emails, long distance calls (pre Skype days), letters, flights and an eventual cross pacific move.  I’ve been very lucky with my husband.  Nothing is perfect and trust me when I say we’ve had our very own major obstacles but together we’re learning to be better halves for each other.  The past 6 years have taught me it does take two people to make a relationship work.  Two healthy people, I might add.

Not many people remember the exact day they made a connection.  It was easy for me because 12th of May is also my Mama’s birthday. 11 years ago, I was in church missing my Grandma and praying for guidance because I was about to give up on relationships.    God does truly work in mysterious ways and that same night my husband and I shared that very bowl of tao huay.  5 years after that night, we got married on the same date.  It warms my hear to know that my Mama is with us every year as we celebrate the good times and remember the difficult times that make us stronger.

That is her, my Mama, probably in her early thirties and younger than I am today with her first four children, my Daddy is in the middle standing next to his sister.  She went on to have her baby son and my youngest uncle a couple of years after this picture was taken.  So on this day, her birthday and my anniversary, I think of her and her constant grace under fire, praying that I’ve inherited that from her.

11 year ago that day was Mother’s Day too 🙂  We had dinner celebrating the day before I headed off to meet my friends where I shared that bowl of tao huay with my husband.  Yes, I do remember that day quite clearly in my head.  This year while I’m not yet a mother, I’ve come to understand how very difficult this job is.  Especially  my mummy :p with two daughters like my sister and I.  So this Mother’s Day, while she’s in Perth and I’m in Singapore, I hope she knows how many of my strengths comes from her and how grateful I am for all of the sacrifices she’s made so that I may chase after all that makes me happy.

This Mother’s Day, my parents are not alone though, my sister is there in Perth reminding my Mummy how much we love her and how we will be no where without her love.

12th of May.  Definitely one of my favourite days in the year.

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