Pitch Perfect

Doesn’t everyone love surprises?  I know I do.

Note to self: the unexpected is key to engaging storytelling.

I think sometimes the world we live in where information is abundant and the marketing of any product leaves nothing to the imagination, I don’t get surprised that much anymore.  Most movies are rehash of stories we only know too well. Even if we knew the ending, it’s how you tell the story that can be unexpected.  The other thing is knowing and understanding the medium you’re working in.  Such are the scriptwriting takeaways from my Singapore to Hong Kong plane ride.

Here’s the lesson plan.  On a plane while you’re putting the final touches to a strategy plan for the new year, Pitch Perfect is pretty much the right movie.  To which I’m happy to report surprised me and managed to get me to bounce along with the somewhat contrive coming of age story.  Also, maybe because they referenced one of my favourite coming of age movies, The Breakfast Club and music from Simple Minds.  ‘Nuff said.  I think so too 🙂

Since the final touches of my strategy plan is done, here’s a little more than my 2 cents of Pitch Perfect.  Maybe it’s just me but singing always make for fun movies.  I’m always up for movies that make me ponder, explore my inner motivation as a human being and exquisite craftsmanship but I’m also the kind that go to the movies for a fun time.  Pitch Perfect was just that.  Enough of Glee and Smash or yet another Step Up movie, Pitch Perfect is somewhere in between all of that.  The story was very predictable but the covers were fun and when Simple Minds is used, it was the perfect plane movie to be playing in the background.  I really wouldn’t mind watching it again at home during a new year holiday too.  Hello Mediacorp Ch 5, yes, instead of Rush Hour. kthxbyeee 🙂

From me in Hong Kong, with my iPhone playing Simple Minds and getting ready to leave my hotel for my dinner meeting, hope you’re having a happy Tuesday too.

P/S: I’m pretty sure there’s a scene for my next script in there somewhere.

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