Lunch Time Babies

I think I’m going to do this more often, make lunch dates with little young’uns. ¬†It breaks the day up and gives me a reason to smile ūüôā

Carlene’s blog world, please meet little Mirabelle. ¬†Niece and goddaughter to my dear angel friend, Gen. ¬†The last time I saw Mirabelle, she was a tiny baby. ¬†At nearly 20 months, she definitely has her family wrapped around her little finger. ¬†She’s a cutie with a great laugh!! Godma Gen is no different from me though :p ¬†It’s boot camp mentality or it’s back home. ¬†Actually Gen and I have more in common than we realise.

Lunch was at Food For Thought Botanic Gardens, which has a branch just opposite my office so I’m well acquainted with their menu. ¬†It’s veggie and kid friendly. ¬†The Botanic Garden branch is a much better location. ¬†Wider spaces and much better parking but the food is better at the Queen’s Street branch. ¬†I’ll definitely be coming back more for my family oriented outings where the kids can run free with a playground to boot. ¬†Mirabelle, her Godma and I had a whale of a time and I suspect we’ll be doing lunch again.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about my next lunch time date buddy ūüôā