New Babies

There’s something about new babies that makes everyone happy.  Ok, maybe not everyone but me for sure 🙂  It’s been awhile since Mummy Shools and I caught up.  Work and life has a way of getting into keeping in contact.  With the occasional text and news from common friends, we’ve managed to keep up to date but nothing beats hanging out for a bit.  To make things better I get to meet her second little angel 🙂

Isn’t she such a cute one?  She has a lovely lovely disposition … kinda like her Mummy and Daddy actually.  Shools and Mos are possibly one of the calmest couples I’ve met in my life.  I’ve worked with Mummy Shools and nothing seems to faze her and I learnt a lot from that 🙂

We caught up over lunch, talked about work, husbands, her girls, work and then some while little Kayleigh potted around smiling, fed a little and took a nap!!  Pretty perfect for a nearly 6month old.

Next up on my to do, plan a play date with Kayleigh and her big sister Kaitlyn 🙂