I think being an aunt is one of the more fulfilling experiences I have had.  Most of my friends are Mums and not many understand this as clearly as Cherry who is an aunt to two sweethearts of a niece.

Unlike Mums, aunts get away with a lot more 🙂  I always thought I’d be a Mum by the time I’m in my 30s but it doesn’t look like it’s happening soon and I’m slowly realising why.  Being an aunt has widen my perspective to parenting and helped my heart to grow bigger.  As a parent, it’s easy to fall in love with your own child.  As an aunt, you actually don’t have to fall in love with your charges but when you do, it is just as magical.

It’s a magic that I can see when I hang out with little Ms Smith and even little-er Ms Su and their Aunty Cherry 🙂

Like I said, as aunts we get away with a lot more.  They don’t give me as hard a time as they give their parents, especially with my nieces and goddaughters.  I think it’s simply because we know our parents will love us no matter what and we can’t expect the same with our aunts or godmas … but but but … when our aunts and godmas love us in spite of our flaws, that’s the same magic.

I’m still pretty young … in the bigger scheme of things and life can disappoint you.  I may be all cynical reading this post when I’m in my 80s but I have a hunch I’ll still be smiling.  Simply because I’m betting on love.  As I grow older, I realise when you love without asking for anything else back, it’s hard to get disappointed 🙂  That, I think, is the key to parenting.

This non-Mum/aunt is practicing loving-without-asking-for-anything-else-back with all the kids around her and can’t wait for the next time she gets to practice with the Choo nieces again!!

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