Skirt W Singapore

Ok, you have to be wondering, how can a vegetarian who borders on being vegan review a steak restaurant like Skirt?  I can and that’s because they are veggie friendly too.  It’s been a while since I wrote about eating out … actually it’s been a while since I wrote much :p  Here’s me catching up.

We were there to celebrate the anniversary of my cousin who is a HUGE meat eater and that’s why my sister, another carnivore in the family recommended the place.  She’s in love with the Skirt steak and apparently, my cousins reckon it is really good too.  I had the gnocchi with truffle.  It is YUMS!!  It would be nice if they had more than just one vegetarian option but I really can’t complain with a steak place.  With most other steak places, I’d have to eat a weak salad and they’d look at me weird.

The service was helpful and not overly friendly.  At about $100 a head, it’s a fine dining sort of place that is also casual enough not feel like the Queen of England is in the house.  So I would recommend it to all my meat eating friends and family.

For all my vegetarian friends and family, the gnocchi and truffle is better than I’ve had in most places and when I told them I’m vegetarian, they were helpful to accomodate.  You can’t ask more out of a steak place!!  The chef even came to join us for a picture.  Yes, that’s who’s next to me and not that my husband shrunk and gained weight 😉

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