When Stephen Sondheim wrote the musical, Company in the 70s, I don’t think he realised that it would one day be adapted for an audience in Singapore.  I’m not sure what he would think of it but I did have fun watching it.  Ok ok ok, I may be a little bias.  My friend, Petrina plays the confused bride-to-be Amy so well that the little flaws were lost on me :p

I’m not theatre review expert.  I watch plays, if they get me to sit up and think a little, I reckon they’ve done what they’ve set out to do i.e. success.  So I’m happy to report, I did sit up a couple of times.  Especially when neurotic Amy, played by Petrina sang the famous not “Getting Married Today”.  While there were no doubts on my wedding day, it’s emotions that every person about to make a huge commitment like marriage understands.

Personally, I reckon adapting Sondheim is truly an ambitious project so in my humble opinion, the team from Dream Academy did a fine job with a particularly strong ensemble cast.  I also love it when there are new faces that surprise me.  One of whom was Ong Hui Xuan who played the ditzy air stewardess, April.  Her voice was great and comic timing pretty much spot on.  My major feedback would be that the friendships between Bobby and his couple friends came across somewhat affected and unbelievable.  The couples on their own worked great and I could see why they were together but I just couldn’t place why they would Bobby hang out with them and vice versa, much less throw him a surprise birthday party.

Other than that, it was still a hoot to watch.  Made me think how I’d direct the play and the changes I’d do to make it fit in 21st century Singapore.  Ding! Ding!  That means success on the part of the musical 🙂  In my books, if you’ve inspired me to think creatively you’ve done the job as only good art does that to me.

p/s: They’re playing till the end of this week so go catch it!!

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