August in Perth

This is rather late, since I was in Perth from August 1-11 and I’m playing catch up with my blog.  Trust me there’s lots to say but there’s been a lot to do at work and when I’m not working, the TV has been sucking up most of my time :p  I can write posts upon posts of what I’ve let myself be distracted with but this post is about Perth.  A place I call home too 🙂

I really do enjoy Australia and the country will always have a special place in my heart.  Of course, it helps that my parents live there right now 🙂

It was good to hang out with my parents, banter with them about this and that as well as get work done too.  I do have a pretty cool job that allows me to visit my parents and get work done at the same time.  My Mum commented how work culture has changed in the 21st century, it wasn’t like that at all when she was working in Singapore.  It works for some and for others, it still doesn’t.  For me, I love it!!  Simply because, the job treats me like an adult who takes pride in what she does and is responsible 🙂  No standard hours are a perk that works for my personality.

Back to Perth.  Despite having lived in Perth before, this trip had a few firsts for me.

I’ve never had to take a bus ride in Perth before.  This trip, my husband and I took a bus to go meet my parents, who had a meeting in the city 🙂  It wasn’t a cheap ride but it was efficient.  I could even get use to it.

Then I checked out Kalamunda markets, it only happens once a month, every first Saturday.  So it was timely that our trip coincided with it 🙂  the last time my sister went, she bought an emu egg.  I found a really great range of skincare while I was there, Xquisit.  I’m using their eye cream and it is absolutely delightful.  I love love love it!!  My eyes are especially sensitive and the eye cream is working beautifully on the skin around my eyes.  I can’t wait to the rest of my skincare products to run out so I can try the other products.  Thank goodness for online shopping 🙂

I also celebrated Singapore’s National Day in Perth.  Isn’t quite the first as I’ve had to do that when I studying there.  It was, however, the first time I was with my Singaporean parents and Canadian husband in Australia celebrating it 🙂 It was a gorgeous day, even though it was winter.  In fact, it was a really nice winter the entire time I was there.  This coming from a tropical girl who does not like winter, I actually enjoyed season!!

And another first was going to Yanchep with my parents and my husband.  They have never been before.  I use to live rather close to the National Park and it was one of my more favourite places to hang out in.  We saw Koalas, Kangaroos and checked out limestone caves.  It was a simple day out.  One that we probably wouldn’t do in Singapore because it would be too hot :p

I realise what I took for granted while I was in Perth.  The amount of space.  when I get pockets of it in Singapore, I remember why I love Perth.  There’s something to be had about being the only person on an open field, beach, park.  Very very rarely does it happen to Singapore.  In Perth, a short drive from around the corner of my parents’ and I’m at the doorstep of a National Park.  A little bit further and I’m by the beach, a quiet one at that.

Note to self: Make visiting Perth more often than not.

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