I Feel Lucky

On Sunday morning, I was on the way to meet my boss when I got into a minor collision on the road.  It could have been worse and I don’t know why but I can’t shake off a feeling that something was meant to happen.  So when it turned out to be kinda a bender fender with someone who was stand up enough to admit it was his fault – running a give way intersection, I can’t help but feel like I’ve got someone looking out for me 🙂

If I could afford it, I’ll always buy continental cars.  He was a little beat up but other than that, he braked well, it could have been worse if he didn’t and he held up better than the other car.  He’s in the hospital now for the week when I’m away in Perth visiting my parents.  I did say someone is looking out for me.

Here’s a week filled with minor hiccups that remind us someone IS looking out for us.