The Amazing Spider-man

If I ever have a son and he’s as adorable as Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker, it’ll be game over for me.  Yes, that smile too cute to yell at.  The mix of innocence and determination able to talk himself out of any situation.  I’ll be that Mama that I currently roll my eyes at :p

Had it not been for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I don’t think this reboot would have worked for me.  The teenage love story is completely lost on me.  Maybe if I were 10, it’d do something for me but I watch a comic book superhero movie because I want some action, which in my opinion, wasn’t enough.  What action that was in the movie was good.  I enjoyed the fight between Spider-man and the Lizard … but I didn’t like the design of the lizard.  I appreciated that they tried to go comic book with the design but I think they forgot this is a live action action realm.  Here’s where I reckon Christopher Nolan with his Dark Knight series is so darn good.  That’s going to be another post altogether 🙂

Meanwhile, the Lizard, I think it’s because I personally like lizards but I really didn’t like the over the top dinosaur look.  The transformation intrigued me more and I would have preferred it if they had left some human elements in the design.

I didn’t go all cougar on Andrew in the movie because he rocks my boat in a I-want-a-son-as-cute-as-him kinda of way.  I was pleasantly surprise to find my teenage crush in the movie too!!  C. Thomas Howell plays a Dad whose son was saved by Spider-man 🙂  Doesn’t everyone remember The Outsiders, Soul Man and Secret Admirer?

While I always thought I could be a cougar, I’m not so sure anymore.  For sure, I can appreciate how hot a young nubile boy can look but I’ve come to realise, put them side by side, I rather the older Dad willing to sacrifice for his family over the superhero cutie.  It’s strange how priorities change when you get older.  In a parallel universe, if Hollywood made a movie about my overly successful life, C. Thomas Howell would play my fireman husband and Andrew Garfield my geek son who founded Facebook on his own 😉